Pieces of Us Cover

So, I should be working on a new project right now but I just got the go-ahead to share my cover for PIECES OF US (Flux, March 8, 2012), and I can’t think straight. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Hope you do too! And summary for the book is below too!


At home in Philly, Alex is angry. Angry at the dad who offed himself rather than stay around; angry at the mom who goes from one guy to the next without a thought for her family. Alex may be a player and a bully, but his little brother Kyle will do anything for his approval.

At home in the suburbs, Katie is Miss Popularity, the golden girl that everyone expects too much of, the one who will always be the prettiest and best in her parents eyes, and everyone else’s. Her shy little sister Julie just wants a bit of the attention that Katie gets so easily. 

But during their summers at lake houses in Upstate New York, all four teens have a chance to leave their old identities behind. They can be anything here.

Here, no one knows the truly disturbing nature of Kyle and Alex’s dysfunctional relationship. No one knows that the girl Katie pretends to be is a lie. Julie never worries that Kyle is only spending time with her to get to her prettier sister. And the secrets that are threatening to destroy each of them seem are safe.

But secrets have a way of getting out…

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