New Chloe Out!

Hi All,

I’m so excited to announce that the new book of my CHLOE BY DESIGN series, MEASURING UP, is out! The illustrator, Brooke Hagel, gives the DL on all the books as well as fun facts! Check out her post here.

AND see info for my signing below!

Clocks Keeps Ticking

This month on YAOTL, we’re blogging about time. My post is about writing your idea before someone else does. Check it out here.

Balancing Act Giveaway!!

The new Chloe by Design will be out in September. It focuses on Chloe’s internship and New York City Fashion Week. I am so proud of this book and am excited to give away 5 FREE, SIGNED copies!! To enter, just tell me about your favorite style or accessory in the comments below. Just a few words (or even 1 or 2) is fine. I will pick a winner on Friday, September 4. The contest is open to residents of U.S. or Canada only. I’m sorry. 🙁 Good luck!




YAOTL: Permission to be Creative

This month, we’re blogging about growth and/spring awakenings. For the longest time, I had this block when it came to being creative with my hands. Finally, I decided to give it a shot. Check out how it went here.

YAOTL Interview


On this month’s YAOTL, we’re interviewing each other. The awesome Nancy Ohlin interviewed me, complete with adorable kid pics of yours truly. Check it out here!



Can you believe Halloween is almost here? This is my kid’s favorite holiday, and he’s so excited. And that makes me excited! We’ve decorated our house, made a Darth Vader pumpkin (complete with fake throw-up–don’t ask), and started a village made of toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I’ll post when all’s done. I just love how creative and fun my kid is! And he loves scary stuff. So, speaking of scary stuff, this month’s YAOTL theme is Fears or Masks. I decided to post about my fear of mice. And before you start bringing up Mickey, I’m talking about the real furry ones. Check out my post here