About Me


  1. Family, good friends, cool people
  2. The New York Mets, The New York Giants, The New Jersey Devils

  3. Fluffernutter sandwiches

  4. Ice cream with stuff in it (think chocolate pieces, marshmallows, M&Ms)
  5. Sushi, sushi, and did I say sushi?
  6. Books, especially dark and edgy ones
  7. Hiking

  8. Coffee

  9. Napping (don’t get to, but would be so so nice)
  10. Writing (I know. Obvious much?)
  11. Running
  12. Watching too much TV (current faves are Grey’s Anatomy, Grimm, Shark Tank, Parenthood, Nashville)


  1. Mice (nothing against the cartoon ones, but real ones make my skin crawl)
  2. Basketball (the one sport I just totally can’t get into)
  3. Cold weather
  4. Geometry
  5. Condescending people

The Just the Facts Bio (Perfect for those School Assignments)

  1. Born in 1976 in Minsk, Belarus (now you can put those math skills to use and figure out my age)
  2. Came to America in 1979 and lived in Brooklyn, NY (in an apartment very similar to Alyssa’s in Inconvenient—boxes for furniture, mice, and all), then moved to suburban NJ in 1984.
  3. College: The College of New Jersey (then Trenton State College) in 1998 with BA in English and Secondary Education; later got elementary certified too
  4. Post College: MA in English, with writing concentration, from William Paterson University in 2003
  5. My first novel, Inconvenient (2010), started out as an adult novel. It was 300 pages long. The section about the teen worked best, so I scrapped the rest of the novel and started again. Wrote 120 pages, and that didn’t work either. Scrapped it and rewrote it. The third attempt was the charm.
  6. My second novel, Pieces of Us, was published in 2012. It deals with the very serious topics of abuse, dating violence, and bullying. I got a lot of flack for it because some people thought it was too real. I also got letters from teens thanking me for writing about the things they experienced and not sugar-coating the gritty of their lives. POU may not be for everyone, but those letters let me know there’s a need for books like mine.
  7. My third novel, Chloe by Design: Making the Cut, is a departure from gritty and written for those ages 9-13. It’s a fun book for fans of Project Runway and fashion lovers. AND, so there’s no confusion with themes, it’s written under Margaret Gurevich—the name I use to write middle grade books.
  8. What I’m working on now: Book two of the Chloe series, BALANCING ACT, came out in September 2015, and Book 3 will be out September 2016. Plus, I have a few other things in the works. Check out the NEWS section of this site to stay updated! 🙂